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Naomi Rossthorn

Welcome, I am Naomi, an author and the Clinical Director and Senior Psychologist of Harnessing Wellness Psychology. I believe my work as psychologist is a privilege. Building rapport with clients is the basis of the therapeutic process and without it harnessing wellness may be difficult. Since 2010, I have been working with horses in equine assisted psychology. The therapy horses and ponies I work with have become part of my journey and learning.

The children’s books I have written are based on the real life therapy horses and ponies, Trigger, Happy, Bailey, Bob and George and their unique characters. The herd tell their story of mental health and how through their journey of psychological education and struggles, herd and self-care strategies emerge for all now and into the future.

Hoofprints for Setting up an Equine Assisted Therapy Clinic is ‘how to guide’ for equine assisted therapy, based on my learning and professional practise, over the last ten years. It has been a pleasure to bring these books to life, I do hope you enjoy them.

By Naomi Rossthorn

Happy the Very Sad Pony

Illustrated by Kev Howlett

Happy the Sad Pony delicately explores an honest approach for children to begin to learn and understand what depression is. The story follows Happy the Pony on a journey through his sadness, understanding his symptoms, discovering what he can do to help himself feel better and leaning from his herd buddies, Trigger, Bailey and Bob who are by his side.

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Trigger the anxious horse

Trigger, the Anxious Horse, children’s book, available now. You can be big and strong and still worry. Trigger learns different strategies to overcome his anxious thoughts, feelings and becomes a detective, a fact finder for evidence against his anxious thinking

A resource for teachers


The grade 3 and 4 students absolutely loved “Happy the Very Sad Pony”. It opened up a great discussion around self care and friendship.

– Nat Jay, Primary School Teacher.

A reading

Available NOW

Watch Naomi Reading the Book

Happy the very sad pony

As a book launch was going to be a bit difficult here is a reading of Happy the Very Sad Pony for the kids who are stuck indoors on this rainy day. For those who know Happy, Trigger, Bailey and Bob here they are in a story of Happy The Very Sad Pony. Written by Naomi Rossthorn and Illustrated by Kev Howlett.

Happy the very sad pony

Happy the pony is sad. He doesn’t understand why and feels like he will never get better. His herd help him to get better and work out ways to navigate his depression to finally feel happy again. He decides that sometimes you don’t feel yourself but it won’t be forever and your herd can help you.

Trigger the anxious horse

Trigger is a big strong horse that worries a lot. He worries about tigers eating him and the wind in the trees. Luckily, Trigger has Happy to talk to. Trigger learns that it’s normal to feel like he does and there are ways to help himself feel better.

Hoofprints for Setting up an Equine-Assisted Therapy Clinic

Hoofprints – how to set-up an equine therapy business

Have you thought about incorporating horses into your practice? In addition to loving horses there are many factors to consider if you want to include them in your work. Naomi Rossthorn, a registered psychologist, has the hoofprints – theory and practicalities – for incorporating horses into your psychology or therapy practice, and partnering with therapy horses for human wellness.


A wonderful resource for children and parents told through a beautiful story that children can relate to at a range of age levels. Loved by my boys, they want to read again and again.

– Lisa, Mother of two beautiful boys.

Happy the Sad Pony is a book that clearly comes from a place of love. The story is relatable and thought provoking. I found it gave me an easy approach to explaining mental health and coping strategies to my kids. Looking forward to the next book!

– Clare Murray


“A mood is like the weather, it can change”

I love your book! And it gives so much hope and practical steps. My son read the whole book aloud in the car to his younger brother 😍.

– Beth, mother of two beautiful boys.